Alcohol addiction is a disease, Not a moral weakness,They Need Love and help : Pooja Bhatt

Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt has tweeted about the opening of liquor shops in many parts of the country. Pooja Bhatt has tweeted one after the other, and has told why people are getting so desperate for alcohol.

Pooja Bhatt also used to consume alcohol heavily at some time, but for the last three years, the actress has not even touched it.

Pooja Bhatt tweeted back to back and gave her views on it.

Pooja Bhatt tweeted, ‘I have not tried liquor for three years and I am thankful that I am not one of those people who risk their lives Have been, but it is completely wrong that people who are going through problems and mental depression, consider themselves superior to them.

When you cut off the supply completely, people get frustrated. Enzyme increases. Come on domestic violence. I do not drink alcohol I hope never drink too. Others are not so lucky or strong-willed. Do not judge them. Alcohol addiction is a disease. Not a moral weakness. Love and help are needed.

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