Ajaz Khan arrested for making provocative statements

Actor Ajaz Khan is known for his controversial and inflammatory statements.

But this time, his provocative statement has been overshadowed by him because the Mumbai Police arrested him on Saturday evening.

Actually, Ajaz Khan did a Facebook live on Thursday. In that video, he spoke many communal things and instigated the sentiments.

Ajaz had said in the video – Ant dies, Muslims are responsible, elephants are dead, Muslims are responsible, earthquake in Delhi is responsible for Muslims. But have you ever thought, whose plot is behind all this?

After this in the video, Ajaz Khan told a political party responsible for all this.

The disputed video of Ajaz Khan had become quite viral and many people took it back because of the inflammatory statement. #Arrest Ajaz Khan was trending on social media.

Now understanding the seriousness of the case, Mumbai Police has arrested Ajaz Khan and he is also being questioned.

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