Ajay Devgan’s song ‘Thehar Jaa’ went viral as soon as released

Ajay Devgan has recently released a song. He released the song giving a message against the corona virus. With the release of the song ‘Thehar Jaa’, it has gone viral on the Internet. The song joined YouTube’s top trending within a day of its release. The song is currently trending at number 7.

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Ajay Devgan has also given a special message with this song. With the song Pause Jaa, he is appealing for people to stay in their homes. She shared this song and wrote, ‘Stay together in this season of storm. Be safe, be happy. ‘

Apart from YouTube, this song is getting praise on social media too. Many fans are praising Ajay Devgan for this song. One user wrote praising that Ajay Devgan thanks you for this song. In this difficult time, this song of yours gives us new zeal to live.’

Apart from Ajay Devgan, many other celebs have also released the song during this lockdown. Recently, Salman Khan has also released a song about Corona virus. At the same time, many celebs like Akshay Kumar, Vicky Kaushal and Ayushman Khurana have come together to sing the song Muskaranga India.