After the death of Rishi Kapoor, there was a jump of 7000 percent in online search related to him in India

The popularity of the late Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor can be gauged from the fact that after his death, online searches for his name in India have seen a jump of 7000 percent and 6700 percent globally.

A total of 14,394 were tweeted about Rishi Kapoor on the day of his demise. The study further states that the most shocking emoji was used on the day of demise. 2,988 people used it.

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The second most frequently used emoji was a broken heart. The third most frequently used emoji was the weeping face, with tears flowing from the eye. This emoji was used 961 times. The fourth most commonly used emoji was a tearful face, with a tear falling from his left eye.

The fifth and sixth most commonly used emojis were a bouquet and a broken black heart. Each emoji was used 556 and 484 times, respectively. Talking about the results, Mr. Fernando Angulo said, ‘The news of Rishi Kapoor’s demise was an incredible loss for the entire Indian film industry.