After Solar Eclipse What to do? – What to eat and cook, what to avoid, mantras

Surya Grahan 2020: What Can I Do After Solar Eclipsesolar eclipse effects on our life
On June 21, the solar eclipse begins on Ashada Amavasya. This solar eclipse will be in the Gemini zodiac and Mrigashira constellation on Sunday. Gemini is the zodiac sign of Mercury and Mars is the lord of the constellation Mrigashira. Gemini will have the maximum effect on the eclipse. This solar eclipse will be from 9:15 in the morning to 3: 04 in the afternoon. After the eclipse ends, some special work must be done to avoid the inauspicious effects of the eclipse.

These tasks are as follows:

  • Chant the mantra related to the planet Sun

During the eclipse, chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Lord Shiva’s name or to avoid the effects of the eclipse one should chant the seed mantra of the sun planet. This will not affect the eclipse on you. One should chant the seed mantra of the Sun planet 108 times. Beej Mantra of Sun Planet – ॐ Ghॐnī: Surya Nam:.

  • After the eclipse, take a bath with Ganges water

A bath with Ganges water should be taken immediately after the eclipse ends. By doing this you will get rid of the bad effects of eclipse After bathing, wear clean clothes only then do any other work. After the eclipse ends, a holy river is dipped at the holy shrines.

  • Cleanse the house with Ganges water

After the eclipse ends, spray Ganga water throughout the house. Sprinkle Ganga water on the idols in the temple of the house. Clean the house, mop. In this way the eclipse of your home will disappear.

  • Offer prayers at the end of eclipse

When the eclipse is over, worship. Make a meditation of God by lighting a lamp in the temple of the house. If there is a temple nearby, go and worship there and give alms and donations to poor people. It is also believed that feeding bread to the cow at the end of the eclipse gives good fruit.

  • Can donate these things

After the eclipse is over, Brahmins can get food during Amavasya Tithi. If possible, you can donate flour, ghee, Dakshina, clothes or other essential things in a temple.

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