Actress Shobhita was trolled over photoshoot

In a magazine photoshoot, actress Shobhita Dhulipala was accused of making false claims of ‘self timing’. 

A few days ago, Shobhita posted some of her photos, claiming that she clicked photos with a self-timer.

However, the veracity of her claim came under scrutiny after the snapshot, in which Shobhita was clicked by a person on her roof, has gone viral on social media. 

Now, She issued a statement in self-defense on her Instagram account.

The actress wrote, “Neither was the photo used by her Cosmopolitan nor am I proud of this amazing collaboration with the magazine. I only posted it with official people because I love it.

I agree that I should have changed the caption text to mention that the second image was not part of the magazine shoot. I wish I had a more exciting, dramatic story but alas, the truth often wears plain clothes. Stay at home and stay safe. 

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