Actress Kriti Sanon Aware to Fit On World Health Day to Fight Coronavirus

Bollywood actress Kirti Sanon has put a message on her Instagram handle for her fans on World Health Day.

On World Health Day, he has asked all peoples to remain alert to stay healthy. He has given a message that everyone should do yoga in their daily life or exercise to be fit in some way so that we all remain healthy.

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He wrote with Pictures that “Take care of your body, and it will take care of you! 🦋 #WorldHealthDay Get out of your lazy beds and do some exercise- walk around, yoga, mat workout, dance (my fav), cardio, anything .. just wake up every inch of your body, and you’ll have a great day !! “

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One of the motives of giving this message to them is to give people a message to be fit to fight Coronavirus because if we stay healthy then we will be able to fight with coronavirus easily.