In order to support lockdown in India, all people are living in their homes right now. Along with the common people, all film stars are also staying in their homes and supporting this mission so that the country can survive by fighting against coronavirus.

All stars are adopting different methods to pass this time. Ayushman Khurana has also written a poem to use this time which he has created for his fans through his Twitter account.

It is written by the famous Poet Neeti Panday of Poem Banaras. Ayushmann Khurrana wrote on his post that “So, I decided I cannot be reading poetry every day I’ll get bored. So, today I decided that I will read this poem by Neeti Pandey. She is very talented from Banaras.”

Some lines of Poem written by Niti Pandey

“Kisi aur ka khamiyaaza kyu bharr raha hai aadmi, Aadmi laachar jag mei mar raha hai aadmi.

Bhool dekh dusro ki seekh le na kuch saka, Aaj par utpaad kaisa kar raha hai aadmi.

Jab chhill jahai zindagi maut me tapi par sadko, Rakh zindagi hatheli par kyu vichar raha hai aadmi.

Roz marrah ki shikayat se bhara tha jiska kal, Pooch lo sukoon se din kitne raha hai aadmi aadmi.

Zindagi mehfoos kardu kehta hai ye totka, Apno k liye apno se door agar raha hai aadmi.

Har vipatti mei ek jut hui hai jab insaniyat, Ek zara si mahamari se kyu darr raha hai aadmi.

Hum chunengey zindagi swi haal ho, ye baat aur hai ki kab amar raha hai aadmi. “

Ayushman Khurana wrote in his yesterday’s tweet that all people should also help the unruly animals living on the road at this time and they should also make them female.

He is a very big animal lover, so he is appealing to his fans to do this through his tweet.


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