Abhishek Bachchan trolled Farah Khan’s workout video

During the lockdown, various types of video of celebs are going viral. Somebody is cooking at home, some is sweeping, some is doing workouts and some is challenging each other.

Among these videos of celebs, a video of Farah Khan also went viral in which she was advising stars to share workout. However, she later apologized for saying so.

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Farah Khan then tweeted another in which she wrote, ‘I am learning who my real friends are? My new best friend is Babu Ram Sabzi Wala, Swapnil Grocery Store, Pawan Chemist Shop…Shukria’.

Farah had scolded celebs who shared workout videos while sharing a video on Instagram. Farah forbade celebs to post such videos.

The director had said, ‘Everybody is making videos at home, so I thought that I should make a video too.

In this video being released in the Public interest, I am requesting all the celebrities and stars to stop making their workout videos’.