A user taunts on Shah Rukh Khan’s then King Khan’s reply has stopped speaking

Shah Rukh Khan is a juggler of things and often surprises fans with his presence. Be it media interaction or social media interaction with the fans, Shah Rukh also very easily answers uncomfortable questions, which are also well appreciated.

On Twitter, Shah Rukh holds a #AskSRK session for frequent interactions with his fans and followers. In one such session on Monday, Shah Rukh answered the questions of the fans in King style. One user asked pointing at the career of Shah Rukh Khan on the slope, asked- Falling down in life is inevitable.

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Answering this crooked question of the user, Shah Rukh in his own special way wrote – I will not know Try to ask any superstar.

Shah Rukh made it clear by his reply that he was not called King Khan like this. Shah Rukh without being angry gives heart touching answers to the questions. Talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s career, his last release is Zero, which was released in 2018.