A Protester Died, As Struck By A Car, In Seattle

In the city of Seattle, in Washington, United States of America, a protestor died, and second, was seriously injured after they were struck by a car. “One person has died, and the other is in serious condition after being struck by a car on I-5 early Saturday”, reporters say. One of the protesters hit on I-5, a 24 years old summer Tylor died at the hospital on the night of July 4, 2020. The non-binary veterinarian assistant was devoted to fighting injustice. The other protester,

One of the two injured protestors, who was critically injured on Saturday when a car drove into a protest on a closed section of I-5 in Seattle has died, the authorities concerned said.

Updates on injured protesters

Summer Taylor was 24 years old and lived in Seattle, died Saturday night at Harborview Medical Center, a spokeswoman of UW Medicine said. The other injured protester was Diaz Love. She is 32 years old and lives in Portland, Ore., was hospitalized in critical condition, in the intensive care unit, the spokeswoman added.

Authorities arrested the driver

The authorities concerned arrested the driver after two people were hit during the demonstration on I-5 in Seattle.

“A car drove around the makeshift barricades barely towards the protesters last night and struck two people”, a reporter reported to a local TV channel.

What Mayor of the Seattle tweeted?

Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle said on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, that “Early this morning two women were hit by a car and very seriously injured while peacefully protesting”. “Many others were almost hit and witnessed this horrific event. Our city stands beside their friends, families, and loved ones in praying for these women and all who were there”, she further added.

What did people say about the victims?

Said Keenan Camacho, a friend, and former co-worker, “Everyone there really loved them”.

Keenan Camacho said about Summer Taylor, “They were always the first one to call people out for being sexist, racist — standing up for queer and trans people, basically, anyone who needed to be stood up for, they were the ones there that were so vocal”.

Why were they protesting?

A small group of protesters gathered on a section of Interstate 5 in the early hours of Saturday, that had been blocked off by the authorities, said Trooper Chase Van Cleave of the Washington State Patrol. The protest was one of many protests that are being organized in Seattle and around the country since the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

About the departed protester

Summer Taylor, the one that passed away at the hospital, worked at Urban Animal, a veterinary clinic, and used non-binary pronouns.

The United States of America, being the advocate of equality and no discrimination and racism, is facing a severe upheaval in the country after a black, named George Floyd, was suffocated to kill by the police last month. People are chanting “I can’t breathe”, the last words of George Floyd, and demonstrating against the racist mindset in the country. The USA was separated for equality, not for discrimination. Due to racism, America has witnessed a famous civil war in the mid-19th century.