9 New App that provide Strength to Our Republic

9 New apps and platforms that will strengthen the Indian Republic

  1. MYGOV India : This app is the easiest way to communicate directly with the elected government. It can also be called the official app of the government.With the help of this app, you can see the accounting of the functioning of the government. You can lodge your complaint. Can see, hear, read government schemes and discussions on other social topics.You can also give your opinion on some discussions. Opinion surveys are held on many programs on this app of the government, in which you can also participate.
  2. NETA : By visiting this app, you can give a rating to the leader you want.You can express your frustration by rating the leader who has turned away from his promise after winning the election, forgotten voters, indulged in corruption or gone missing.Even if it is not like an app vote, but it shows the mood of the public about the leaders.This app was used in the elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka in 2018 and according to the app developers, its success rate was 90%.
  3. Indian Politics : Incomplete knowledge is fatal and in digital times, rumors arising out of incomplete knowledge spread even faster than a forest fire.It will be more beneficial for democracy if we enlarge our knowledge on politics and other current topics on the Internet before you do it.For this, the help of this app can be taken.This app contains many things including the Indian constitution, constitutional structure, amendments to the constitution and information about the federal structure of India, which will make you a small constitution expert.
  4. Politifact : Democracy has always been hot on politicians’ speeches, speeches, comments, but it has become very common in the era of fake news to break speeches.In such a situation, before trying to get into feelings on the statements of any leader, one must try to know the truth.This app can help you to know this truth. This app has been developed by PolitiFat, the website that receives the Pulitzer Prize.On this, you can also crosscheck the statements of the world actor’s leaders through its Truthometer.
  5. ICHANGEMYCITY : This app has emerged as a means to take the problems and issues around you to the leaders.Many people are using it. If the dirt is spread in your area or the roads are broken due to rain, then a responsible citizen can communicate through it to the councilor, MLA or Parliament of the area.If the Election Commission or other government departments have to convey their point to the citizens, then they can also take help, such as at the time of change in the voter list. 
  6. CIVIS : This platform is doing some serious work to make citizens aware. He publicly reaches the details of government documents, experts, scholars, research, policies, surveys, etc.Its purpose is that common citizens should not stay away from information, do not remain ignorant and whatever opinion or decision they make, should not be baseless.
  7. PROJECT FIB : As much as fake news is used to spread lies on the Internet, there are more dangerous false pictures, which are falsely manipulated to present the truth.There is nothing better than FIB to identify such false photographs.This service checks the pictures, URLs and text on your Facebook timeline all the time and feeds milk and water from the female of its image recognition and source verification algorithm.On every post you see the trust score and also the fact of fact checking on the posts written by you.
  8. Govern Eye : This app also acts as a bridge between the common people and the government.You can openly speak on this, that too in your own language.It is your job to reach your message Netaji.If you want, you can also hide your identity on this app.Audio video plays all over this app. Fresh news can be known.Fake news alert is received. If you want to protest, then with the help of this app, you can also take out the online Protest March.
  9. BS Detector : Apart from smartphones, there are many extensions for web browsers, which are used to strengthen democracy.This is one such extension, which is used to strengthen democracy.This Chrome extension works to warn of fake news running on any social media website.