9 Future Innovation That Change Human Life

9 Future Innovation that make our life Simple and Comfortable

At present time every scientist are trying to innovate new technologies that make simple and comfortable our life. In every field of our daily uses things innovative ideas make easy our life. Some of these amazing innovations at present time we discuss here.

  1. Health Devices: In future the count of direct body using gadgets are increase that help to secure our life and aware about our health issues time to time. In this list new ear earrings added that count our beats. New body tattoos are told about our skin disease. These type gadgets are connected with apps and they told about our body health status to doctors. By these generated genetic profile doctors easily predict our health disease.
  2. Mushrooms Cloths: In San Francisco Micro Workers Company and many other companies are trying to innovate new leather options that save animals. In future leather garments are made by mushrooms. It’s better for environment. Dyeing and stitching of these type materials are easy and good for nature.
  3. Sun Power: In future power stations in space are produce 24 hour electricity from Sun power. This energy is transfer to earth by Laser or Microwave antenna. According to International Astronaut Academy till 2040 this technology becomes cheaper.
  4. Human Body Organs: At present time Chinese Scientist born piggy child that have monkeys cells. Researchers of California Salk Institute are innovate human and monkeys cells fetus for develop human organs.
  5. Online Relationship: According to present research 40% couples are meet on online and become in relationship. In 2037 fifty percent of new born children’s parents are meet online first time. So in future internet change our life totally.
  6. Clean Seas : Within a few years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Here, there is hope from the new technology that the sea will be cleared to a great extent in the next ten years. This is the biggest concern for us. The solution for which we must get out as soon as possible. 
  7. Car Free Zone: There will be a ban on cars in many city centers, islands and places of historical importance in the world. Culdesac will be the Americas first new car free city. That’s start at any date of 2020. Government increase local transportation for easy traffic.
  8. Highest Speed Ride: Many global companies have accelerated the work on the hyper loop project. Underground passenger trains will run at a speed of about 900 km per hour. By 2030, many cities in America will be connected to Hyper Loop train. This is the future of our easy and time consuming transportation.
  9. Space Clean by Robots: Waste satellites moving in space and debris create problems for other satellites. The European Space Agency is making a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean it. It will be released into space in 2025.