A Smooth Operator: 6 Things Every Cool Guy Should Have

Most of the time, a lot of guys will tell you they’re “cool.” Once you ask them why they’re at a loss for words and will say something unreasonable like “because…” and that’s it. They don’t even have a reason they think they’re fantastic. Some guys often claim to be on a whole new level because it helps with the women. 

Realistically, being cool helps guys get dates. However, you shouldn’t just be hip and be in the “in crowd” because of that reason. Being cool means you’re a charming good guy who has all the answers to every problem out there. Whether it’s an awkward situation with friends or a date, a classy and sophisticated guy has the tools and ways to get out of it. 

Being a cool dude doesn’t stop at dates or a party. The actual sign of being awesome is to have a place of your own. It’s where you can show the best of your possessions. Whether it’s books, video games, or classic movies, the things mentioned below should always be in every guy’s possession. Always. Without further ado, here they are:


For accessories, watches are always a default option for guys. Every guy owns at least one or two watches. Whether it’s a swiss military watch, a diving watch, or an advanced smartwatch, men should always have a watch with them, no matter what the situation. 

Complementing your style and look with a desirable watch can scream out to others you’re “cool.” With a watch like the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, you’ll be the talk of the town. When you get your style right, people can immediately tell that you’re a good guy to hang out with. Not only that, watches are valuable possessions that look awesome. 


Aside from watches, a car is also a default on the must-haves a guy should have. And it shouldn’t just be any car. It should be a car that has some “personality” attached to it. Would you want to date a big tough guy who drives a pink mini cooper? Or would you rather go for a sophisticated guy who owns a muscle car or convertible Mitsubishi Spyder?

Sports Memorabilia

Let’s face it. A lot of women love it when their guy is athletic or at least knows how to play a sport. What great way to show that you like or do sports by showing the best sports memorabilia in your house? Not only do these decorations look good, but they are also good conversation starters.

You can hang jerseys of famous players on your wall, display that autographed ball from your sports hero, or you can show off your sneaker collection. If you want to be a cool dude, showing off those collections is a big plus.

Hunting Kit

Every guy knows that a hunting trip is one of the best ways to enjoy life. Having a hunting kit is a perfect way to tell your friends you enjoy hunting. Most of the time, hunting kits can contain a lot of desirable items that most men would want. 

Some guys who are proud hunters often display their hunting knives and even their hunting rifles on their walls. Hunting kits aren’t just for hunting; some tools inside a hunting kit can also function as tools for camping. 

Video Game Console

Don’t think for one second that owning a video game console such as the upcoming PS5 or the Xseries makes you a nerd. Sophisticated guys know the importance of chilling out and playing video games at home. Having your friends over for some beers and a few games is an excellent way to use your consoles.

As you might have noticed, guys also love a few competitions here and there, and these devices will provide them with just that. There’s a ton of fighting games, sports games, and another player versus player games that guys will surely love playing. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore RPG freak, having a video game console is an impressive feat for any guy.

Home Theatre/Speaker System

Music and movies are the perfect things to have when you want to chill. Having the best TV sets brings a whole new cinema experience to your very own home. To impress your date and friends alike when they get to see a big TV screen with the excellent video quality. 

Make it even better by pairing it with an impressive sound system that will definitely complete that home theater ambiance to your room or house. If movies aren’t your thing, then you can play the latest tracks on your speakers and have an unforgettable experience.


The items mentioned above are the perfect must-haves for any guy who wants to be cool. Although it’s not a definite list, things such as a watch, a man cave, or even a car are just too hard to exclude from any guy’s must-haves.