5 Ways How Video Editing For Social Media is Different From Normal Editing

Video Editing For Social Media is Different From Normal Editing

Open any social media app and scroll through your feed – you will most likely see more videos than photos. You will see content specifically designed for you, thanks to the ever-evolving social media algorithms

With the advent of video sharing on social media, marketing has changed drastically. As more and more of the human population is getting access to fast internet, social media platforms are on the rise. Video content is the most consumed form of content on social media, and there are many vying for the top spot. 

Videos on Social Media

Creating and publishing videos for any of the different social media platforms is a great way to reach a wide base of potential customers. However, it is not very similar to normal video editing, and in this blog, we will explore the intricacies of editing videos specifically for social media.social media video editing tool

The first thing you need to know about video editing for social media is – 

It is not as tough as it looks.

If a person or a situation has led you to think social media video editing is very difficult, you are getting your information from the wrong source. All you need is a couple of good video editing tools, some solid advice from people who have done it before, and you are good to go! 

There is a lot of hype surrounding social media video editing, and it can be very misleading. There are many ways to make the perfect social media video clip, and these parameters are constantly changing to keep up with the dynamic demands of the content consumers. 

Here are five tips that will definitely help you curate the perfect video for social media marketing purposes:

1. Do Your Homework

Doing a fair bit of research before making a video can work wonders for your social media marketing efforts. The simple logic behind that statement is that once you know what trends are getting most views, you can jump on the trend train. Your videos are more likely to go viral by following trends rather than trying to create new ones.

Doing thorough research also gives you great ideas for your own videos. You get to see what hashtags are popular, what consumers in your niche are accepting with open eyes, and what is frowned upon. This helps you stay away from creating negatively controversial videos and helps you focus on making videos that people in your niche will love. 

2. Understand Social Media Mindset

What is your purpose on that particular social media site? Defining a clear goal for your social media footprint will greatly help you clear your mind and decide what content should go into your video. Having clear social media marketing goals will greatly help you outline your plan and approach the situation accordingly.

While many have a flair for creating and editing videos for miscellaneous purposes, creating videos for social media is a whole different ball game. You must understand what your target audience is and choose the right social media platform accordingly. For example – for B2B, LinkedIn works best, whereas if your product/service is more likely to appeal to a hipster, you are better off using Instagram.  

3. Give Special Importance to YouTube

The most famous social media platform to broadcast videos is YouTube, it is only obvious for all social media marketing personnel to be vying for the top spot on the platform. To successfully market your videos to achieve the coveted “viral” status, you must understand the platform. Moreover, you must use the right tools to make your video templates clickable.

If you are wondering where is the YouTube video editor that will help you curate perfect videos specifically for YouTube, InVideo has you covered. You must understand that without proper knowledge of what kind of video is needed, you will most likely be confounded by the task. Understanding your niche and what your target audience really wants is integral to making useful videos. 

4. Set Your Editing Intentions

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, etc., they all have the same concept at their core – relevance. Give the people what they want. You must understand this completely. 

Worst case scenario – you end up right back where you started with absolutely zero content ready to be posted. You must set your editing intentions in line with the social media platform and your niche. Marketing on social media can help you achieve many goals.  

Consider the following goals for instance  –

  • Engagement posts– Post content that people are most likely to share with their friends or comment on or even give a thumbs up. This increases your goodwill, and the social media app will drive more users to your profile.
  • Website visits– Post clickbait content. Clickbait is the concept of using eye-catching images and words to pique a viewer’s interest enough to make them click on your link. This will drive traffic to your website or any landing page that you have in mind.
  • Build brand awareness – Post content that will not only get your audience to engage with your account but also spread awareness about your brand. Brand awareness is great for the long term – consider Apple as a brand. Just the brand logo is enough to make the price of a product go from 20$ to 100$. That is the power of brand awareness.

5. Trim Your Videos 

Initially, Instagram and Facebook only accommodated short videos. Recently, these social media platforms have evolved to allow posting of longer videos. This is great for content creators. But is it really? Well, if you have grabbed the attention of your audience correctly, then yes. On the other hand – what if you have not? 

People come on social media to go through a lot of content. No one is going to “continue watching” for more than a minute if it does not grab their interest. In this cut-throat world of content consumption, it is best you keep your content trim to grab consumer interest in the first five seconds of your video. This interest will keep them engaged with your content and also keep them coming back for more. 

There were supposed to be 5 Tips, right? well, there is one golden tip for those that have reached this part of the blog –  

Edit Your Videos With The Sound Off

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Well, think of this – how many times have you personally been scrolling through social media and glanced at some video being played without the sound on? Only to go back and watch it with the sound on? There have been many of these instances, right? 

If you edit your videos with the sound off and they look great without the sound, your videos are sure to grab consumer interest! This is a very effective tip because you can really use it to test if your video is good in itself or not. 

InVideo has a great collection of tools to fulfill all your video editing and personal needs, whether it is a free YouTube to mp3 converter just to help you convert your favorite music from YouTube to mp3 format on your phone or any other tools you might want for editing. 

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