Everything You Should Know About 123movies

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The world is known for its culture, traditions, and rituals. Since long ago, cinema has been a crucial part of our culture. Writers write a story, directors direct these stories and with the help of the producer, give that story a running mode, which is known as a movie, drama, series, or TV show. Making drama, TV shows, movies, or series is not a simple task to do. When that drama or movie is released, producers, writers, and the whole team earn from cinemas. This is their only source of income.

There is a little issue now, they are getting something in their way and that is piracy, illegal distribution, and downloading copyrighted content on the internet without permission of its owner, of their products. 123movies is one of those sources which are always illegal with its task of distributing and allowing people to download movies and dramas without the permission of directors and producers. Taking cinema to the next level is a new challenge for the film and drama industry, but illegal websites like 123movies are greatly affecting the cinema industry.

To be released movies are released either on the date of release or before the date on these websites. When these websites release movies and dramas in full HD, then people do not go to cinemas, in this way cinema culture is like drowning and no one is getting it. Hardworking directors, producers, and the overall industry are very disturbed due to such websites.

Free Leaked Movies with 123movies

Distributing someone else’s work for free without their permission is a crime and illegal officially and also ethically wrong, and 123movies has been doing this for years. There are strict rules and regulations of cybercrimes in almost every country in the world due to the wide use of internet world-wise. Having tough rules and laws is not enough until it is implemented in letters and spirit. Hundreds of complaints have been registered against this severe crime online, which is affecting the world of cinema very badly, but all in vain, and nothing has been done to shut these websites down by the local governments of countries worldwide.

 As of now, July 18, 2020, this network of piracy of copyrighted material is active and functional. Why is it so, when it is obvious that it is illegal. There is defined punishment and fine on distributing and even watching and downloading copyrighted material from such illegal websites, like 123movies. Illegal websites like 123movies and many more should not be visited, as this is illegal to visit such websites.

“123movies is an illegal online streaming service, that allows people from every corner of the world to watch and download Hollywood and Bollywood films, TV shows and dramas, and many more for free”, besides 123movies, there are many other websites too, including Gostream, Gomovies, TamilRockers, Memories, etc, which are also used for the same purpose. So being a responsible human being, we all have to do something for our cinema world’s development and should avoid 123movies and all other similar websites.

What do these websites do?    

These websites upload movies and shows as soon as it is released in the market or even they get it someway and upload it before the release date of that film or drama. Then they allow visitors for free download and let users watch movies and shows for free. This is of course illegal and is affecting the industry very badly.

Shall we visit such websites?

We shall not go for these websites, as early mentioned that websites like 123movies are illegal and not allowed to be visited by people over the internet. because they get material in some illegal way and distribute it without the permission of the owners of the products

Do they only upload new movies?

 Of course not, they upload new as well as old movies on their websites and affect the whole industry from start till end. There was a time when movies would be watched in cinemas and there would be competition among movies on the box office. But now this trend is no more due to websites like 123movies. This image shows all movies, you can see there are famous movies in their list, uploaded on this website.

123movies uploads all new movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, and high quality of series without the knowledge of their owners. 123movies affected some big names in the recent past, including Avengers Endgame, Kung fu Panda, Titanic, and many more. 123movies is not only affecting Hollywood but is equally affecting Bollywood and other famous industries.

Guna 369, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Kabir Singh, Kadaram Kondan, Dear Comrade, Jackpot, Arjun, Patiala, John Wick, The Lion King, War, Saaho and many more tops hit movies.

Who operates 123movies and from where?

 The investigation is going on, but still, it has not been found who is the original owner of 123movies. There is no primary URL (Universal Resource Locator) for 123movies on the internet. It is considered that 123movies is operated from Vietnam, and authorities concerned are looking for people behind this offensive crime.

What punishment is defined for Cybercrimes?

Under the current law, the penalty for the Copyright Ordinance, 1962, is up to three years of imprisonment or a fine of I lakh rupees (100,000). Fine will be doubled for subsequent attempts.

Remember one thing, not only distributors would face a penalty, but those who are found circulating pirated material on their torrents, which is also illegal, can also have the same punishment, as they are also doing their part in getting down cinema worldwide, and affecting owners of that copyrighted material. Get into the link given below and let yourself know what is the punishment of cybercrime in Pakistan.

Cyberlaw in Pakistan:

There are many laws promulgating in Pakistan, these laws not only deal with crimes over the internet but also deal with all dimensions related to computers and networks. Two of these laws are most known, and they are

  1. Electronic transition ordinance 2002
  2. Cybercrime bill 2007

Similarly, worldwide websites like 123movies are prohibited and 123movies and all other websites doing the same job as 123movies. There is also a risk in visiting websites like 123movies, and other websites similar to 123movies. There is always infected material on these websites, and 123movies is also one of them.

What are the authentic sources we should visit then?

There are legal ways to have things, so we do not need to visit 123movies. One can watch its favorite movie or TV show on other legal websites like Netflix, Hotstar, Mx player, sony live, Jio cinema, Voot, zee 5, and Amazon Prime Video. These websites are not like 123movies, instead, they pay for what they have and they are permitted by the owners to distribute the material on their websites to anyone they want. They get that money from their members. For instance, Amazon Prime Video, asks for membership, and if one has no membership of Amazon Prime, then he is not allowed to watch any video on Amazon Prime Video.


There is the law for everything in this world nowadays, every field is protected with laws and restrictions, and nobody is allowed to break these laws. This is the age of the internet and IT, and there is no strictly followed law for that. If there is somewhere, no one gives a damn about it and breaks it whenever he wants. This is affecting the film and TV industry very badly. There are websites over the internet like 123movies and they are doing this for a long period of time. Despite many complaints being filed against these offenses, there is still no strict action seen from any government. This is also our responsibility to implement these laws and protect people affected by the violation of these laws.      

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